Post-Reading Blues

Overcoming Post-Reading Blues

After finishing a good book, I will sometimes feel briefly sad and wish to further immerse myself in whatever book universe. A quick Google search yields a ton of results with all sorts of people who feel the same way. Spurred by reading Humboldt's descriptions of the regions of the world, I started a brief project about that feeling. I captured the longing for living inside a book in an enhanced book experience that provides an intermediate world for lingering in the described world until the longing fades away.

Role: book design, illustration, game design, Unity, C++, Java

Humboldt Book Design Endpaper

First, about the book. I designed it pictureless except for the forested book endpaper. Allowing the reader to focus on the magnificent text. It has a smartphone-like format. Embossing on the cover adds a pleasant feel. These similarities create a bridge that makes it easier to move from book to smartphone to jump into the virtual after-book experience.

But First The Book

But First
The Book

A Virtual Place to Linger in

A Virtual Place
to Linger in

The Wind In The Palms Screenshot